APNOEASPHYXIA (2019)      
is a sound installation in which the audience can wander through the 1500m2 surface of the metal gas container. 20 little JBL-GO speakers create a 30min, looping soundscape alternating between high and low frequencies to manifest uplifting and downward pulling sound waves. Next to that, the use of thick smog together with the round architecture of the container creates an illumination of endless space. Based on the word APNOEASPHYXIA, which means ‘suspended animation’, the installation generates a liminal space which invites the audience to get lost, engage a dialogue with themselves or become part of the installation by using their body as a sound generator. APNOEASPHYXIA is an individual experience in search of stillness, meditation, and tranquillity.


concept, sound, scenery : Anthony van Gog
production: FASHIONCLASH
co-production: VIAZuid
thanks to : Peter Misstotten and Olivier Herter