I am a performance and sound artist currently based in Antwerp. I graduated in 2019 with a BA in Performance Art at the Maastricht Institute of Performative Arts.

Often using the form of the ritual as a starting point, I approach the artwork as an atmospherical composition of body, space-time, and sound, which manifests itself as a gradual changing, durational, and ambiguous spatial painting. I create these paintings by thinking through themes such as new materialism, mysticism, and immanence and how they alter our perspective on societal performativity and individual existentialism. In a way, the pieces could best be described as liminal environments that act as a microcosm mirroring society as a constant configuration of melancholy and physical intimacy; alienation and recognition; astonishment and abhorrence.

Next to creating my own work, I often collaborate with my life-long friend and fellow artist, Maarten Heijnens. Our practice centralises around the creation of physical scores. In a physical score, not a musical instrument, but the body is used as an instrument. In a multi-disciplinairy and compositional way we manipulate our bodies (such as our breath in Breathing Piece) to the utmost where the manipulation is no longer possible. In this way we question dichotomies such as domination/submission, superiority/inferriority, mind/body, and technology/biology.