LYPEMANIA (2019)      

LYPEMANIA is a choreographic installation in which the processes of lethargy and apathy is exposed radically and detailed.
In these processes, to which space-time is the body subjected to? How will our body vitality react? Do these deeply internal and socially negative accepted processes also display a kind of beauty and attraction? To which extent do these mental conditions differ with the ones of madness and ecstasy? And what do these conditions teach ourself something about ethics and meaning?
Based on stillness, minimal movements, and an alternation of rhythm, duration, and sound, the performers create an atmospherical composition exposing their bodies captured by these mental conditions in a sculptural-choreographic way.



concept, sound: Anthony van Gog
performance : Princess Isatu Hassan Bangura, Luka Kluskens, Marthe Koning, Anthony van Gog
residency : de School van Gaasbeek
thanks to: Theater aan het Vrijthof, Peter Missotten, Olivier Herter, Maarten Heijnens, Luca Meister

https://vimeo.com/326661379 (contact for password)